We’ve made it even easier to donate to help with our work.

Whilst part of our income comes from hiring the hall and its facilities, most of that money goes towards the maintenance of the building and its running costs.

We always strive to keep costs to a minimum but its inevitable that from time-to-time unforeseen problems hit us, and our pockets!

Any surplus money goes towards improvements but as the hall has parts that are over 60 years old, the costs can be astronomical. And this is why our fundraising helps.

We hold as many fund raising events as we can, most of which are open to everyone and range from Quiz nights to our regular Village Fete.

However, one of the best ways to raise money is to ask you to donate towards our work.

We don’t specify an amount, we leave that to you. Be assured that every penny is spent on improvements that benefit all our users.

Use the button below to use your credit or debit card or make a direct debit from your bank account. Its easy to make a one off payment, The system is secure and is delivered by Paypal – you don’t need a Paypal account to use this system.

Thank you!