The club was formed in 1994 by the members of the then carpet bowls team who wished to offer some hospitality to visiting teams

The club was originally located at the front of the village hall, which is now the small committee room.

However, after several hundred hours of volunteered efforts by its members, (we are pleased to say some of our founder members are still using the club today) in 2002 the club moved to its present location at the rear of the main hall.

Today the Social Club like many people and businesses is conscious of the issues surrounding global warming and plays its part, albeit in a small way!

  • We source all our food and drink from local companies within a 30 mile radius of Tasburgh.
  • We make every effort to spend our money locally for the benefit of the district and the wider community.
  • Our current work involves refitting our cellars to reduce electrical demand and improve chiller efficiency.

Today, the purpose of the club is to provide an environment where residents of Tasburgh and its neighborhoods can meet and enjoy each others company, the partaking of regular varied entertainment provided by the club and competitively priced drinks.

Membership is not by invitation it is open to all. All we ask is £3.00 per year per adult over 18. Children are free, an additional £2.00 joining fee payable in the first year per person only (Correct Dec 2009)

The Social Club is staffed and managed by volunteers who willingly give up their time to organise events, staff the bar and generally work tirelessly in the background.

The income generated, which, following deductions and retained capital, is passed onto promote social and recreational activities within the village of Tasburgh.