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 Tas Valley Pre-school and Playgroup offers pre-school education and play for children aged 2 years to school age.

 Tasburgh Village Hall

Term-time mornings 9.30-12.30




Playgroup 1


Learning through play is at the cornerstone of what we do.  Very young children do not distinguish between playing and learning.  We aim to harness this natural curiosity to help stimulate their thinking and their imagination.  High quality play with a certain amount of structure and the right level of adult intervention helps children progress.

The educational programme at Tas Valley Pre-School & Playgroup is drawn up to provide a sufficiently wide range of experiences for children to develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to achieve the first steps towards the Early Learning Goals.

Many of the activities are based upon current interests of the children as observed by the staff, also upon seasonal topics such as Christmas, or growing in the spring. Festivals from around the world are also celebrated at the appropriate times.

Tas Valley Pre-School & Playgroup is regularly inspected by Ofsted.  Ofsted inspect the provision of childcare and ensure we have an educational programme which enables children to work towards achieving the Early Learning Goals (ELSs).

Our last inspection was in November 2011, at which we were awarded an overall grade of Good, with Outstanding in the area of Keeping Children Safe.  Copies of the report are available for all parents to read, either on the Ofsted website or in hardcopy from us.

Special Education Needs
Tas Valley Pre-School & Playgroup is committed to the integration of children with special needs.  Our setting is accessible to wheelchairs and the activities we provide are arranged and varied in such a way as not to exclude children with disabilities.  We welcome children with special needs and work closely with parents to ensure that special requirements are catered for. We also work in partnership with outside bodies where necessary, i.e. Social Services, Health Service, Education Authority or other.


The current fees (November 2013) are £8.50 per session and we have recently introduced a discount for twins, where fees are £12 for both children.  These fees apply where children are too young to claim nursery education grants.

All 3-year-olds and some 2-year-olds are entitled to funding. You will only need to pay for playgroup sessions, once your child is eligible for funding, if you choose to use all of your child’s entitlement (15 hours per week) at another care setting. Funding can be split between two daycare providers and is claimed from Norfolk County Council by us.

Links with Local Schools

We maintain a close working relationship with Preston Primary School, Tasburgh and Hapton Primary School to ensure a smooth transition for children.

Sessions and Terms
We currently operate five sessions a week, although this may fluctuate as it is dependent on child numbers – Monday to Friday mornings 9.30 to 12.30.

From about 12.00 to 12.30 the children sit down together for lunch. This activity promotes the children’s independence, social and linguistic skills.

We follow the usual three-term pattern used by all Norfolk schools. Term dates, holidays and half-terms will be confirmed in newsletters and are available on Norfolk County Council’s website.


Tas Valley Pre-School & Playgroup has a small but dedicated team of staff whose aim is to provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment in which to play and learn.  A high adult to child ratio is maintained at all times.Playgroup 1

For more details, or to register a place for your child, please contact:

Julie King  julieking22@btinternet.com   01508 470759

You are also very welcome to pop into playgroup with your child at the Village Hall any morning; there is no need to let us know in advance.

You can find more details on our web site at http://tasvalleyplaygroup.org.uk/