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The affairs and running of Tasburgh Village Hall is undertaken by a group of 15 elected Trustees.

At the AGM each year, the User Groups on the Village Halls database are allowed to nominate one of their number to become a Trustee. As there are usually 6 User Groups allowed to nominate in this way, it leaves 9 others who are elected from members of the public to make up the total of 15 Trustees.

The current Trustees, approved at the AGM to serve a 12 month term of office on the Management Committee of the Village Hall, are listed below.

VacantTrusteeParish Council
DAVE MOORETrusteePublic
NIGEL BESTTrusteeSocial Club
MICK IRESONTrusteeTasburgh Allotment Soc
MIKE DANIELSTrustee Public
SHAUN PALMERTrusteeKuk Sool Won Club
BRIAN HILLTrusteePublic
VacantTreasurer/ Secretary  

The Constitution of the Village Hall is laid out in the Trust Deed of 1950 (with amendments) and the Trustees all work within the legal framework of the Charities Commission of England and Wales.

Due to the sensitive nature of certain aspects of the Trustees Agenda, and in line with Charity Commission guidelines, meetings of the Trustees are private, although major decisions are communicated within the community by various methods, including this web site, notice boards and other media outlets.

The Management Committee are free to co-opt people onto sub committees, which currently encompass Finance, Buildings and Fundraising and can also invite interested parties to attend and speak at meetings.

Their financial year runs from January to December and copies of the annual accounts are available at the AGM and a balance sheet is published on the Charity Commission web site.

If you wish to contact us regarding the administration of the Village Hall, you can contact the Chair in writing at:

Graham Pates

2 Lammas Rd, Tasburgh, NR15 1NZ

For all other communication, please click HERE.